Learn Their Names, Learn Their Story

This is an important message as we start a new school year. My name is part of my identity. Many students will not want to correct their teachers so it is up to us to insist on correct pronunciation of each student’s name. Do you agree?

In fifth grade, my teacher was firm, but loving. She played the harp, had emerald green eyes, and read aloud Tuck Everlasting to our class. We rapped about rainforests, memorized the Fifty Nifty United States, and kept chameleons in aquariums (except for the one that escaped, making for a frantic morning search around the classroom!). I loved being in her class, but every day, the whole grade switched to different teachers for reading. Despite being an enthusiastic reader at home, I dreaded my reading teacher’s class from the beginning, all because of one thing. She refused to learn my name.

My name is Aliza.
It is derived from Hebrew.
Depending on the etymology, it means “joyful” or “oath of God”.
There are not many of us. I have only met one other Aliza, in person, in my life.
My name is pronounced “ah-LEE-zah”.
It rhymes with (The Leaning Tower of)…

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‘Emily Arrow’s Storytime Singalong Vol. 1’ album launched Feb 20, Once Upon a Time Bookstore, Montrose, CA

On February 20, 2016, Emily Arrow launched her first album, ‘Emily Arrow’s Storytime Singalong Vol. 1’ on location at Once Upon A Time Bookstore, Montrose, CA. According to Ms. Arrow, this bookstore was ‘where it all began’. The show began at 10:30 a.m. Pacific Time Zone and was broadcast live on @helloemilyarrow on Periscope. If you missed the live show, the recording is archived on Periscope.

Emily Arrow ‘is the 2015 Winner of the John Lennon Songwriting Contest in the Children’s Category for her song, The Curious Garden Song. The song was inspired by the book The Curious Garden by Peter Brown. Emily was also a finalist in the 2015 Great American Song Contest and the 2014 John Lennon Songwriting Contest (from her website).”

Ms. Arrow writes music for children inspired by today’s popular children’s books. She desires to instill the love of reading, music, art and literature through her songs. She sings original compositions and reads children’s books regularly at Once Upon A Time Bookstore, in Montrose, CA, and Children’s Book World in Los Angeles, CA. Ms. Arrow will be touring the album across the United States at schools, libraries and bookstores.

For more information about the album, ‘Emily Arrow’s Storytime Singalong, Vol. 1’, visit her website, Emily Arrow, or iTunes. For a song-by-song commentary, visit Matthew Winner’s website, All The Wonders.





Watch “What Is Consent?” on YouTube

What Is Consent?:

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