Wednesday WIP Report : Week 1


First up on this week’s report is a fun crochet project I started on Tuesday. It’s a kitchen towel by Laurie Laliberte named “Big Girl Hanging Towel” and it’s available for free on her blog. I like the variety of stitches so far. I’m using Bernat Handicrafter Cotton Geometric in Hot Red with an I-9 hook. It is 12″ wide, and 7″ long so far.


Next up is a knitted slipper sock pattern that came with the slipper soles. I’ve been doing a lot of crochet lately and wanted to switch it up for a bit today. The rhythm of knitting is so soothing to me. I actually started this pattern last December while out of town visiting family. My hands were itching to do some stitching and I had no other projects with me so I went to Joann Fabrics and got this. Once winter break was over I got busy with the new job and there went that. I’m using Vanna’s Choice acrylic in Oceania with 4.5mm (Size 7) needles. I love the color, don’t you?



While checking out other blogs, I  found Jesscrafting’s Bi-Weekly Pattern Share. In it she shared a dog toy she had made. It was so cute that I had to make one for my neighbor’s dog, Scooter, who treats me like his second mom. Everytime I visit Scooter runs to the toy box and pulls out only the toys from me. Smartie pants! This one was made with Bernat Collegiate Chunky acrylic in Royal Blue/Yellow. I didn’t actually follow the pattern but used it more as design inspiration. I began with a hdc foundation stitch and then turned and worked another row of hdc rather than using multiple rows of sc and folding the whole thing in half (hotdog fold). The rest of the pattern is the same.

Do you post about your WIPs and finished projects? I’d love to read about them. Leave your links in the comment section so I can go check them out.


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  1. Wow you’re good


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