Autism Awareness- What is Autism and what does it mean to you?

Even if you think you’ve got a handle understanding autism, this post is worth your time. It contains firsthand accounts without sensationalism. #AutismAwareness


Hey everyone! I’m a bit late to the party on this one as this blog post was supposed to go out on April 2nd, World Autism Awareness day but I was waiting for submissions to come in from some friends who wanted to say their piece and also because I was a bit over aware myself.

In the run up to Autism Awareness day (which kicks off Autism Awareness month) my social media feeds were over run with info-graphics and status’ about the facts and opinions that are Autism and I was a bit overwhelmed but even so, none of them seemed to really click for me. As regular readers will know, I have three boys with ASD and multiple other difficulties and dare I say it ‘disabilities’ (some people refuse to believe that Autism is a disability but choose to call it a learning difficulty like Dyslexia) but anyhoo…

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