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Pattern Translation: ByNinuska’s Finnish 3D Rose (my version)

My version of ByNinuska's 3D Rose

My version of ByNinuska’s 3D Rose

I’ve been seeing a lot of one particular blog post by a Finnish blogger of a gorgeous 3D Rose. Well, I used Google Translate and the photos on ByNinuska’s blog post to come up with an English translation. The photo above is my understanding of her pattern with a modification. I used variegated peach crochet thread to add the edging to the petals. I’d love for you to try my translation and let me know how your rose turns out too.

Here’s my translation using US terminology of ByNinuska’s 3D Rose crochet pattern (original pattern here):

  • Chain 72.
  • Row 1: DC into 3rd chain from hook, *Ch-1, Skip 2 stitches and DC into next stitch, ch-2, DC into same stitch*, Repeat to end of chain, turn work
  • Row 2: [Ch-3 (counts as 1st DC), DC, ch-2, 2-DC] into Ch-2 space of Row 1, *2-DC, Ch-2, 2-DC* into each Ch-2 space of Row 1 to end of row, turn
  • Row 3: [Ch-3 (counts as 1st DC), 5-DC] in Ch-2 space of previous row, *SC into space between Pattern Repeat of Row 2 (between the fans), *6-DC in Ch-2 space, SC in space between two fans of previous row*, Repeat to end
  • My modification: Row 4: Using crochet thread, *2-SC in Front Loop Only of each DC, 1-SC in Front Loop Only of each SC*, Repeat to end
  • Weave in ends.

If you wouldn’t mind, please try this pattern. Also, I’d be happy to have someone who has tried the pattern tell me a better way to word Row 3. Thanks so much!

Happy crocheting!


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