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Confessions from My Approval Addiction: I’m Calling Bluff

Francie’s post is thoughtful and pokes at the lie that if you approve then I’m on track. Worth the read. Blessings, Kimberly

Up, In, and Out

I confessed to you this weekend that I’m addicted to approval.

Your approval.  But the funny thing is, as I elevate you into a status of “approval giver”, I fall for a slew of lies that cripple my heart.  Lies that paralyze me from the very things I seek.

These lies tell me that you are the one who will help me find a sense of significance.  They promise I’ll find the confidence I crave when you affirm me, accept me and approve of me.  They promise that your acceptance of me will fulfill my need for belonging.  They tell me if I don’t conform to your expectations of me, I’ll be alone.  These lies make me believe the peace I seek rests in your hands.

But none of that has proven true.  

The fear of man

The truth is, seeking approval from people will always leave me wanting … disappointed … empty … ensnared.   It leaves me reeling from day to…

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