The Things That Really Matter

Merry Christmas everyone!


I’ve been avoiding Facebook and all social media for the past few days due to all the A&E and Phil Robertson hating going on. Because, while I also have an opinion and a point of view on the situation, I don’t need to see, hear and be berated by the nonsense every single day.

But today, as I watched my freshly refreshed newsfeed fill up with pictures, rants, blogs and vines (99% of which were pertaining to the drama and posted or shared by fellow believers), I wasn’t just irritated. I wasn’t just bored. I wasn’t just frustrated. I was sad. More accurately, I was heart broken.

Today is December 24th. It’s Christmas Eve. And instead of posts, pictures and blogs about celebrating the greatest event in the history of the universe with friends and family, what I saw was Hate. Judgement. Accusations. *Your opinion.

*and by you…

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