Review of ‘The Silver Button’ by Bob Graham

The Silver Button by Bob Graham

The Silver Button
by Bob Graham

In THE SILVER BUTTON by Bob Graham the reader is given an opportunity to provide a teachable moment to a child. The city is bigger than the drawing of a button on a picture by a little girl. A whole world of events is happening at that same point in time. I love the concept of the story. I love that the author makes the connection between what is happening in my moment of time with things happening throughout the city. Although the magnitude of the concept is likely beyond the comprehension of a 4-to-6-year-old, little ones will enjoy learning about and sharing in the experiences of other people. The one shortcoming, if I may call it that, is that the watercolor pictures are so faded that it is difficult to identify some parts of the scenery. Typically, for this age group, I lean toward bright vibrant colors like those found in APRIL AND ESME TOOTH FAIRIES by the same author.


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