Rosen and Kassoy’s ‘Strange Foods’ earns 5/5 star ‘gross’ factor


Strange Foods by
Michael J. Rosen
and Ben Kassoy

When I selected “Strange Foods (No Way!)” from @NetGalley I didn’t realize what I had gotten myself into. What I was expecting was baby octopus, slimy eels, chocolate-covered grasshoppers, ants and the like. What I found was much, much worse. “Strange Foods” is one of six books in the ‘No Way!’ series. I agree. No way! In a minute, you’ll say ‘no way’ too.

Have you ever considered eating a bird’s nest? Did you know that it is considered a delicacy around the world? According to authors, Rosen and Kassoy, bird’s nest soup goes for about $100 a bowl in the United States. Seriously. It gets better. Guess what the main ingredient is – spit! Yummy. Are you hungry yet? No? Well, read this book to find out about thousand-year eggs (fermented eggs), casu marzu (a sheep’s milk cheese covered with maggots – on purpose!), yak butter tea, baby mouse wine (dead ones soaked in rice wine), jellyfish candies and Kopi luwak (a coffee made from poop).

The pages of “Strange Foods” are brightly colored with large photographs. It includes a glossary, source notes, books and websites for further reading, and an index. Dig in. You’re going to love it!


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