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`Five Minute Friday’: Brave

Photo credit: ClickFlashPhotos / Nicki Varkevisser Under CC License

Photo credit: ClickFlashPhotos / Nicki Varkevisser
Under CC License

“Five Minute Friday” is a weekly event that has been described as a writing flash mob.  Every week Lisa-Jo Baker announces a new writing prompt and all the participants free-write for — yep, you guessed it — five minutes.  No editing.  Just real.  Free.  Raw.  Want to know how it all got started?  Read the back story.  Sound like fun?  Come on over and join us!

This week’s prompt is “Brave“.





My daughter, 29 at the time, donated 18” of hair to Locks of Love.  It’s not the first time either.  She has this gorgeous long brown hair.  She’s amazing.  She participates in many altruistic events and fundraisers like Komen’s Walk for the Cure.  She’s very giving, she always has been.

Inspired, I had to find out about Locks of Love.  Most people think they provide wigs (*there’s another word for them) for children who lose their hair due to cancer.  They do but there are many other diseases, treatments and conditions that cause people of all ages to lose their hair.  I checked out the website and wondered if I could be brave enough to help.  I found out my friend at church actually volunteers at the Locks of Love office in West Palm Beach.  After talking to her, seeing all the good things they do and seeing my daughter’s smiling after-the-cut photos, I knew just how I could help.

For me, that meant that I had to be brave.  Very brave.  The last time I had cut my hair was about ten years ago.  I hurriedly printed out all of the paperwork needed by Locks of Love, jumped in my car right then and went to my local SuperCuts.  I told them what I wanted.  I was so nervous I was talking a mile-a-minute, making sure he took enough because they can’t use less than 12” strands for the wigs.  I told him just to cut the ponytail right at the length for a short bob.  I held my breath.  I got more nervous as I saw him holding his breath too.  Buzz, buzz, buzz.  It was gone.  We measured.  It was 18” long too – exactly.  Gone from my head, but ready to be packaged and sent to Locks of Love to bring confidence and assurance to another person.

For me, that was a really brave thing to do.


** check back later for “the rest of the story”.  I’ll share more about Locks of Love and how you, too, can help another person as they bravely face their own life struggles.

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4 Responses

  1. As a cancer survivor, I thank you for this act of bravery.


    • Wow. Thanks! Actually, I think you’re braver than I am. Oh, wait, I just read your “Brave” post and you’re definitely braver than I am. Stronger too.

      Be blessed,


  2. Thank you for sharing. That is awesome and really brave to be able to take a step like that. I’d love to see your photo now and see your new ‘do!!! Is that you or your daughter in the pic above?
    Thanks for the ping back to my blog.


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