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Amazing Grace – God’s design for humanity

I got to hold my 6-day-old niece for the first time today. Her name is Grace. She is so amazing. God’s pretty amazing too, how He knit Grace together to form a perfect baby girl. I don’t know how He does that but I sure can’t get over it today. God’s grace is already here for you, for me and for baby Grace. God is so much more than enough.

Walking on Waves - Josh Robinson

1153288_52572910God speaks to us through the Psalmist telling us that we are “fearfully and wonderfully made”. Our creator has formed us in our mother’s womb…we are not a mistake or happenstance, but rather perfectly and uniquely designed by God and created for a purpose (read more in Psalm 139). WOW! This is such an amazing fact that we so often miss. We were created by God for God.

In the New Testament we learn about the GRACE of God. I have come to understand grace as the wonderful free gift of God that He has always desired to give us. His love is free, His mercy is free, His forgiveness is free, His peace is free, His joy is free, all that He has for us is free…and He wants us to have it all. So what does it take to receive all of these free gifts? Faith…for we…

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