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31 Days To Clean {Join me?!}

I should write a mission statement for housekeeping? People who write down their goals are more successful in reaching those goals, but a mission statement takes this a step further. When you have a purpose and understand it thoroughly because you’ve put it into words, you can carry out even the most mundane tasks that are a part of the bigger mission. I think it also helps to call the mission by its more accurate name, ‘homemaking.’ Want to join me on this journey? Follow me and link up with {In Pursuit} through her post I’ve reblogged here.

31 Days To CleanLearning to {Live Life Fully Committed} forces us to stop and look at our endeavors and pursuits. Why do we do what we do?

Whether it’s a specific job, writing, blogging, homemaking, parenting, or loving our husbands… what’s the point? What is our motivation?

We’ve been digging beneath the surface, here on {In Pursuit} with the desire to {Live Life –with a heart- Fully Committed} to God.

For years I’ve been disappointed with the illusive joy promised by worldly endeavors. In 2010, when I made the decision to leave my place of employment and come home, I never imagined it would be here, between washing dishes and caring for my family, that I’d find the most joy.

It’s here, in the home, where I’ve learned who I am in Christ. Here, where no one pats you on the back and where my daily tasks aren’t glorified or raised up…

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