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DEVOTIONAL: Mind Your Mouth

It’s always a good idea to watch what you say. Our words are powerful!

Radical NewU™

You may not know this, but, in addition to being fishers of men, we are also called to be builders.

Not the worldly kind of builders – with physical brick and mortar building.

No, our tools of building are our words.

You see, it is written in Proverbs 18:21 that the power of life and death lies in our tongues.

In fact, the Bible is chocked full of directives telling us to speak things, because there’s something powerful about putting those words out into the atmosphere in heaven and earth.

The very words we speak have the power to prosper and bless OR to curse and condemn, others as well as ourselves.

So with every word we speak we’re either building something up – whether it’s another person, or ourselves, our futures, or our hopes – or we’re tearing something down, speaking curses, ill will, and idle words out into…

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