NaPoWriMo: Day 17, ‘Six-Stalk Garden’

Photo credit: fishfoot / flickr

Photo credit: fishfoot / flickr

Six-Stalk Garden

by Kimberly Bower

I had a little garden

When I was very small

I planted dried up kernels

And watched as they grew tall

I watered and I tended

Watched with a microscope

I squealed when the first ear formed

And picked it like a dope

And ran and showed my Nanny

With glee she danced about

The best ear she’d ever seen

She said without a doubt

But sometimes now I wonder

If I was such a dope

Because that little kernel

Brought Nanny so much hope

You see, I went to visit

I saw her every day

Through my eyes she saw the world

While her blind eyes saw gray

I live among the corn now

And walk from field to field

But still I think that garden

Produced a greater yield


3 Responses

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  2. Thanks for the mention – love your poem 🙂 How do you do that ping back thing? LOL


    • Hi. If you insert a link to someone else’s blog post, WP sends a ping to the author to offer the option to be linked to that post. If you don’t want to have your post added to their page you just trash it. There’s a feature called Zemanta I use that offers related articles. I can select any I want to include. I also find good articles in the Reader. I hope this helps. Keep writing!

      Be blessed,


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