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NaPoWriMo 2013: Day 11, ‘Jellyfish Harlot’

Jellyfish (Photo credit: Alessandro Pautasso, kaneda99)

Jellyfish (Photo credit: Alessandro Pautasso, kaneda99)

Jellyfish Harlot by Kimberly Bower



















I’m sure you’re wondering how I came up with this one.  Why would anyone compare a jellyfish to a harlot?  Well, as I was walking on the beach I was pondering Proverbs 7.  Not just a random chapter, my church family is reading through the Bible this year.  Sometimes one verse or story will grab you more than another.  On that day, it was this one.

Proverbs 7 is a lesson about the wiles of the harlot and the admonition to steer clear of her because she lures in those without understanding and ultimately destroys their lives.  Wisdom was admonishing the young man to follow God’s laws and telling him that these laws would be his life and his protection.  I was thinking that this admonition would apply to our lives on a larger scale, have applicability beyond sexual sins.

Enter the jellyfish.  The lifeguards had posted signs at the pathways that lead to the beach to warn beachgoers to stay out of the water because of the great number of jellyfish that had washed into the area.  There was danger up ahead.  Watch out!  Don’t go that way.  But did everyone pay attention?  Of course not.  There were people swimming in spite of the warnings.  Did everyone in the water tangle with a jellyfish and their stings on that day?  No, but that doesn’t lessen the danger.

It’s the same with the harlot, or to broaden the idea, with any person who would entice you to follow them into wrong, dangerous or harmful directions.  Will you necessarily get stung – get caught – the first time you shoplift, deface property, bully or otherwise go astray?  No, but heed the warnings around you, the guidance of those who love you.  Don’t go that way.  In the end it leads to death.  Follow the advice in Proverbs 7.  Choose life.


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