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NaPoWriMo 2013: Day 7, ‘On the Lake’

Photo by Joel Dinda / flickrunder CC license

Photo by Joel Dinda / flickr
under CC license

On the Lake

I asked the 
gator why he was trolling
And he 
smiled and lazily swished his tail 
I asked the 
gull why she was scouting
And she caught the wind and skimmed across the surface of the lake
I asked the 
fish, “Why do you hide among the pilings?”
And he
swam and hid in the darkness under the pier
I asked the 
fisherman, “What are you using for bait?”
And he held up his line and showed me a worm wiggling on a hook

I asked the full 
moon to shine
And it did and the
 light glimmered across the lake
I asked the floating 
pier, “Why do you shelter the fish?”
And it 
rocked and swayed under the incoming boater’s wake
I asked the 
boater, “Did you catch anything?”
And the young 
boater held up his catch
The boat pitched
The fish fell
 gator pounced
 gull swooped
The fisherman turned
And I kept quiet

Under the glimmering light of the moon



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