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Devotional: Power of the Pause

The whole world paused awaiting the announcement of the new pope. We paused again awaiting Pope Francis I’s greeting and blessing. I wonder what God will do now that we’re on the other side of those pauses.

Radical NewU™

Have you ever heard the phrase “pregnant pause?”

Basically a pregnant pause is a pause that gives the impression that it will be followed by something significant.

Comedians use pregnant pauses all the time. So do politicians and thespians.

Pauses are powerful. They allow the words previously spoken to linger, take root, marinate.

As a listener, a pause could allow time for understanding and comprehension.

As a speaker, a pause can provide emphasis and impact.

A pause before speaking can head off hurt feelings and stop generational curses.

A pause before acting can prevent regret and bitterness.

As believers, our pauses give God room and time to act. In your pause, God can birth life, hope, promise and deliverance.

Don’t believe me?

Have you ever heard your Big Momma or Madea say, “I wish someone would (you fill in the blank)” and then pause? And then what would they say…

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