The Great Scandal of Grace

Just scandalous!


Through various forms the topic of grace has been pressed upon me a lot lately. From these pressings I am coming to the understanding that grace (more specifically the grace of God) is flat out scandalous. We live in a world where you earn what you get, you are rewarded when you are good, you’re punished when you’re bad. God isn’t from here though, He doesn’t play by our rules. I can find a lot of people who will give out second chances, but God is giving out COUNTLESS second chances.

There have been people my whole life communicating directly or indirectly to me that I have to do better, to be a better Christian, and that voice very often has been mine. God has news for me though, I will never succeed at trying to be better. Why? Because I am a “wretched black hearted sinner” (Joby Martin). I…

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