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God’s Names (Children Desiring God) by Sally Michael


God’s Names (Children Desiring God) by Sally Michael

This storybook is an adaptation of a fifth grade Sunday School resource of Children Desiring God. The target audience is early elementary school students. The language and content assumes the child’s family is already following God. The book begins with foundational information concerning the concept and use of names. It moves from the many names of the child into the many names of God. Each name represents an attribute of God. Studying the names of God will broaden the scope of the child’s understanding of the strength and mightiness of God. There are 23 four-page chapters, each one focusing on a different name of God. Each chapter ends with opportunities for application through praying, doing family activities and performing acts of service within the community. For example, one of the family activities involves looking through a family album and applying the attributes of God into the situations depicted in the photos. One of the acts of service involves making a care package for someone in need. This resource is designed to be an interactive tool between parent and child. Without that interaction, it would be difficult if not impossible for a younger child to understand the text and complete the suggested applications on his own. This resource would be useful for family devotions or as a parallel take-home resource for parents whose children are learning the same lessons in a Sunday School class.


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