100 FREE Sock Knitting Patterns – The Knit Wit by Shair

[#blogpost] ‘100 #free #sockknitting #patterns’ by #TheKnitWitbyShair There’s bound to be one in here that’s perfect for you. Enjoy!


Craftsy’s list of ‘National Food Holidays to Celebrate’ high in sweets, treats, alcohol

Craftsy has an interesting article on the blog today. It lists an item of food or drink for every day of the year. It’s fun to peruse, but I wouldn’t count on it as a guide if you’re seeking better health in 2016. I know, I know. “Moderation” is key. Enjoy life, but don’t blindly eat everything just because it’s on the “ultimate list”, okay? You’re health is important.

I think if one word was flipped over the other it would make the article more accurate. Here’s what I mean:

and eat well all year long.

I think it’d be more accurate to say: and, well, eat all year long.

Go ahead. Check it out. It’s still a fun read.


Reading Challenge 2016 | POPSUGAR


Love the idea of this non-title-specific #ultimatereadingchallenge #popsugar #readingchallenge Are you up for it?

Perler TARDIS tutorial

Now this is amazing! Calling all Whovians! Check out this Police Box made from Perler beads. Don’t you need to make one of your own? I mean, seriously?

Kyoti Makes...

My Perler TARDIS post from a few days ago was a huge hit! I’ve gotten a few people asking for a pattern. And so, here’s my best attempt at a pattern and tutorial. I kind of made this up as I went so forgive me if it’s hard to understand.

Click for larger image


  1. Make all pieces as shown. Note when multiple pieces are needed. For example, the light blue box that says “Top x3” needs to be made 3 times. For the light at the top make sure you do the glow in the…

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Bringing in the new year : Welcome 2016


Happy New Year!
May 2016 be your best year ever.


While spending the holiday with my family, I shared with Mom about the marvelous crocheted-edge flannel scarf. She loves red birds (cardinals, specifically) so I set out to create one for her during my visit. This was my last “wip” (work in progress) of 2015, and consequently the first to be carried over into the new year. Mom, I wish you a blessed and prosperous 2016. May it be your best year yet.

I share the same wish for my friends, followers and all you lovely lurkers too : May 2016 be a year of health, prosperity, and much peace for you and yours.

Enjoy the season,

Here we go……..

Here’s the Winter Blanket CAL (crochet-along) info and Block 1 from Agrarian Artisan.

Agrarian Artisan

Welcome to the Winter CAL 2015.   Today I’m introducing the CAL, providing information on requirements and the pattern for the first square motif, a ‘solid’ granny which should be pretty familiar and which will help you estimate your own requirements if you aren’t using the same yarn.

This post is rather long, so make a cuppa and settle down for a long read !


First let’s talk about yarn.  I’m using a double knit (DK) yarn and I’m making 2 blankets.

My first is a ‘sample’ blanket using 6 bright colours which cheer up winter and the second is also a bright colour palate but will be structured differently. I’m using the second colour set to crochet along with you.

Sample yarn:  John Arbon, Knit by Numbers DK, 100% merino, 100g/250m per skein.  2 skeins each of Blue (039), Pink (063), Yellow (052), Green (071) and Purple (029)  and 1 skein of…

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Season’s Greetings!


Merry Christmas to all my friends and followers who partake in the festivities. Season’s Greetings!


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