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Kimberly Bower (gladeslibrarian):

For any students/parents/teachers/friends/loved-ones (does that cover everyone?), THIS is the way to my heart. ;)

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For all you Teachers and relieved Parents :)

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Wednesday WIP Report : Week 1


First up on this week’s report is a fun crochet project I started on Tuesday. It’s a kitchen towel by Laurie Laliberte named “Big Girl Hanging Towel” and it’s available for free on her blog. I like the variety of stitches so far. I’m using Bernat Handicrafter Cotton Geometric in Hot Red with an I-9 hook. It is 12″ wide, and 7″ long so far.


Next up is a knitted slipper sock pattern that came with the slipper soles. I’ve been doing a lot of crochet lately and wanted to switch it up for a bit today. The rhythm of knitting is so soothing to me. I actually started this pattern last December while out of town visiting family. My hands were itching to do some stitching and I had no other projects with me so I went to Joann Fabrics and got this. Once winter break was over I got busy with the new job and there went that. I’m using Vanna’s Choice acrylic in Oceania with 4.5mm (Size 7) needles. I love the color, don’t you?



While checking out other blogs, I  found Jesscrafting’s Bi-Weekly Pattern Share. In it she shared a dog toy she had made. It was so cute that I had to make one for my neighbor’s dog, Scooter, who treats me like his second mom. Everytime I visit Scooter runs to the toy box and pulls out only the toys from me. Smartie pants! This one was made with Bernat Collegiate Chunky acrylic in Royal Blue/Yellow. I didn’t actually follow the pattern but used it more as design inspiration. I began with a hdc foundation stitch and then turned and worked another row of hdc rather than using multiple rows of sc and folding the whole thing in half (hotdog fold). The rest of the pattern is the same.

Do you post about your WIPs and finished projects? I’d love to read about them. Leave your links in the comment section so I can go check them out.

New Etsy listing: Unique handmade crochet headband, perler bead accent




Check out this item in my Etsy shop

This is a one-of-a-kind handmade crochet headband made of soft machine-washable acrylic yarn. Look closely at the photos to see the unique vertical striping and dual band that this yarn produced as I handmade this item. Amazing and beautiful!

It is crocheted onto a Scunci no damage band so it is flexible in length. It measures 22 inches unstretched. It is approximately 2-3/4″ wide.

The item in the photos is the item that will ship to you. The striping is unique to this item and likely won’t be able to be duplicated, even if an attempt was made with the same yarn.

Love the headband but not in these colors? Contact me to special order a custom headband.

Autism Awareness- What is Autism and what does it mean to you?

Kimberly Bower (gladeslibrarian):

Even if you think you’ve got a handle understanding autism, this post is worth your time. It contains firsthand accounts without sensationalism. #AutismAwareness

Originally posted on mrsknittyjenn:

Hey everyone! I’m a bit late to the party on this one as this blog post was supposed to go out on April 2nd, World Autism Awareness day but I was waiting for submissions to come in from some friends who wanted to say their piece and also because I was a bit over aware myself.

In the run up to Autism Awareness day (which kicks off Autism Awareness month) my social media feeds were over run with info-graphics and status’ about the facts and opinions that are Autism and I was a bit overwhelmed but even so, none of them seemed to really click for me. As regular readers will know, I have three boys with ASD and multiple other difficulties and dare I say it ‘disabilities’ (some people refuse to believe that Autism is a disability but choose to call it a learning difficulty like Dyslexia) but anyhoo…

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DIY – Virkad matta med ljusslinga

Kimberly Bower (gladeslibrarian):

This is a gorgeous crocheted rug and would make an amazing night light too. Free pattern included in post.

Originally posted on BautaWitch:

Virkad matta som lyser made by Bautawittch
PS. For an English pattern, scroll to the end of this post.

Jag har adventsstjärnor, elljusstakar eller ljusslingor i varenda rum. Både i lägenheten och på landet. Självklart även på balkongen och på altanen… De sprider en sådant mysigt ljus och hemtrevnad. Så varför inte använda dem året om? Åker du till Thailand t ex å ser du dem ju överallt 365 dagar om året…

Jag är själv mörkrädd och kan lätt leva mig in i hur jobbigt det är för små barn som är mörkrädda. Det är ingen rolig känsla så jag vill underlätta för dem genom att göra en matta som man kan tända och som lyser på ett trevligt och lugnade sätt. Så där litet lagom så att barnen ändå kan somna.

Virkad lysande matta Made by BautaWitch2
Har du inga mörkrädda barn så kan mattan även fungera som nattbelysning t ex i badrummet eller i en mörk hall för att välkomna hem…

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Pattern Translation: ByNinuska’s Finnish 3D Rose (my version)

My version of ByNinuska's 3D Rose

My version of ByNinuska’s 3D Rose

I’ve been seeing a lot of one particular blog post by a Finnish blogger of a gorgeous 3D Rose. Well, I used Google Translate and the photos on ByNinuska’s blog post to come up with an English translation. The photo above is my understanding of her pattern with a modification. I used variegated peach crochet thread to add the edging to the petals. I’d love for you to try my translation and let me know how your rose turns out too.

Here’s my translation using US terminology of ByNinuska’s 3D Rose crochet pattern (original pattern here):

  • Chain 72.
  • Row 1: DC into 3rd chain from hook, *Ch-1, Skip 2 stitches and DC into next stitch, ch-2, DC into same stitch*, Repeat to end of chain, turn work
  • Row 2: [Ch-3 (counts as 1st DC), DC, ch-2, 2-DC] into Ch-2 space of Row 1, *2-DC, Ch-2, 2-DC* into each Ch-2 space of Row 1 to end of row, turn
  • Row 3: [Ch-3 (counts as 1st DC), 5-DC] in Ch-2 space of previous row, *SC into space between Pattern Repeat of Row 2 (between the fans), *6-DC in Ch-2 space, SC in space between two fans of previous row*, Repeat to end
  • My modification: Row 4: Using crochet thread, *2-SC in Front Loop Only of each DC, 1-SC in Front Loop Only of each SC*, Repeat to end
  • Weave in ends.

If you wouldn’t mind, please try this pattern. Also, I’d be happy to have someone who has tried the pattern tell me a better way to word Row 3. Thanks so much!

Happy crocheting!

Grand Opening: Unique Thread Artistry sells handcrafted items on Etsy

20150608_204403Etsy logo 20150608_214429

Great news! My Etsy shop, Unique Thread Artistry, is now open for business.

Mason jars are all the rage. Even my Grandma loves them! Nowadays, though, we use them for much more than canning and preserving. One way we use mason jars is as drinking mugs. We offer mason jars to our guests filled with ice tea and lemonade, and invite them to sit on the front porch to visit.

Now, you can find the perfect mason jar cozy for your mason jar. It’ll keep your hands away from that melting ice as you sip away the hours. Ah, summertime. The pure joy of it. Well, we can dream, can’t we? Even if we rest on the porch after a long day’s work, a cozy is good for the mason jar. Try it and see.

If you hurry, you might even be able to snag one for Father’s Day. Now that’s a gift he won’t get every day.


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